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About Us

Zignox is a New York-based media startup dedicated to providing global professionals with the most relevant economic news, policy insights and transformative ideas shaping Latin America today and tomorrow.

At Zignox, our goal is to bring readers balanced, impartial and actionable information about the latest events and long-standing issues affecting the region. We are building Latin America’s largest, most authoritative and comprehensive economic content and news-discovery platform. What sets Zignox apart from other media organizations currently serving the region is its interactivity and access to a diverse and ever-growing set of sources and views.

We believe information democracy is paramount and our mission is to offer a wide-ranging perspective on the region and its key stakeholders. Data and analysis will be drawn from central banks, multi-laterals, think tanks and other financial institutions. Social media trends, critical analysis and targeted news will soon complete our offering.

This is our first step.

Jose Enrique Arrioja
Founder & Publisher
New York