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Kharim Khan’s Visit to Venezuela: Caracas Chronicles

Kharim Khan’s Visit to Venezuela: Caracas Chronicles

Maduro met with the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday. Kharim Khan arrived on Sunday for a three-day visit. “There’s nothing triumphant about this visit and it’s done within the framework of the competencies of the ICC prosecutor and a preliminary investigation on crimes against humanity,” said human rights lawyer Alí Daniels. He thinks that this visit would entail a more thorough compilation of the case and because of it, Khan’s statement on the preliminary report could be delayed and won’t take place in December 2021. Families of political prisoners protested and asked to be heard by Khan. 

Humberto Prado warned that the regime will try to show a country with a solid and independent justice system, and emphasized that cooperation by the Venezuelan State can’t be considered genuine because of the constant human rights violations. The last-minute legal reforms don’t tackle the deep-rooted problems, especially in the processes occurring for political reasons. In November 2020, Khan’s predecessor Fatou Bensouda, said that there were reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity had been committed in Venezuela. 

The regime authorized all aviation operations in Venezuelan airports during the total flexibilization that started on Monday, said Minister of transportation, Hipólito Abreu.

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